Visceral Candy Feat. Tim Stiles

by Visceral Candy and Tim Stiles

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Here's what some people are saying about the album:
“Visceral Candy Feat. Tim Stiles is an eclectic, clever album with some classical instrumentation, fire beats, and funny vocals and lyrics…a carefree narrative mostly about food, sleep, and cigarettes.”
- Indie Band Guru

“A bold blend of witty, unabashed flow and in-your-face instrumentation from the Seattle beatsmiths and (former) Passion Party frontman”
- Digital High Blog

"The album pushes all of their outrageously diverse ideas into cinematic proportions"
- The Big Takeover

'Visceral Candy Feat. Tim Stiles': Transparent narratives of sleepless nights, hungry bellies, uncomfortable social situations, and bad habits while remaining thankful for others and trying to find one's place in this world encapsulate the creativity in this joint hip-hop album by Visceral Candy & Tim Stiles.

Now available in both digital and limited edition vinyl, Visceral Candy's 'Feat. Tim Stiles' vacillates between neurotic self-consciousness and oblivious swagger. Seth Swift and Ian Hernandez (of Visceral Candy) move on from their last concept album about losing pets with a push/pull of morose poetry and frivolous bragging.

Featured collaborator Tim Stiles (of Passion Party) leads the sense of gravitas on this record, riffing on uncomfortable dinner parties, the pharmaceutical industry, men who dress as clowns, and stuffing your [expletive] face. Local recording artist and producer Jay Battle (QREEPZ, Dead Rich, Gran Rapids) takes a leap in producing live instrumentation.

Tim Stiles: "As far as for me as an artist, this album represents a break from my shell and an opportunity for me to express myself in ways that are more representative of me as a person compared to how I express my sense of humor with Passion Party. The opportunity to do so is all thanks to the talents of Seth, Jay, and Ian and their true appreciation and honest belief in what I write. Seth is the mastermind here and the catalyst of just about every song on the album, who came up with almost all of the beats and ideas--concepts that I was so inspired by--allowing me to write more within 8 months than I normally do in say, 3 years. Ian is the solidifying piece with his instrumentation, progression, and IMO the well-oiled machine of Visceral Candy itself. Jay? Well, Jay is the fucking wizard... I could go on and on.. In summary, with all of the partnership and nearly seamless way we've worked together, not against, is what has made this album a cohesive collaboration spanning genres and subject matter. It's most definitely a defining moment for me personally and I think a great leap for Visceral Candy as well."

Ian Hernandez: "The album title identifies Tim Stiles' role as the "guide" of this album, if you will. The concept, as I've always thought of it, isn't meant to imply some monumental egotism on his part. Rather, as a piece of the Visceral Candy catalog,The last record centered on (Seth's dogs) Saxon, Savannah and Sterling. This record centers on Tim's interaction and presence with Seth, Jay and myself. The next record will center on the development of our 3-piece live set, and so on. It's a bold and ballsy statement on both our parts, and listening to the masters I feel a swell of nervous arrogance that (I feel) encapsulates our creative process at the Battlefield."
released November 22, 2016


released November 22, 2016

Written by Seth Swift & Tim Stiles
Guitar, Bass, and Backing Vocals by Ian Hernandez
Produced by Jay Battle & Seth Swift
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Jay Battle @ The Battlefield
Seattle, WA
Art by Richard Lim



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Visceral Candy Seattle, Washington

Founded by Seth Swift, joined by Ian Hernandez and Josh Street with big assists from Jay Battle. Newest album written with the super talented Tim Stiles

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